Elodie Banier is from the self-taught school of design.

Her training started very young with her mother – an interior designer – and her grandmother – a model for Jacques Fath – who both had an innate sense of elegance and without knowing it, gave Elodie her first lessons in style.

At their sides, Elodie discovered the fascinating world of fine fabrics – crisp poplins, woven straw, printed leather, crepe georgette…

The design universe has played a major role in her career. She spent ten years in this world which influenced her creativity and gave her a sense for volumes and clean lines.

Her years in New York were also formative and it was there that she became sensitive to a factor that’s too often neglected: comfort in clothing.

In the spring of 2014, Elodie Banier took the plunge and created her own label based around one master piece of clothing – an elegant, simple, transeasonal and easy-to-wear jacket.

She named her label after an imaginary fairy godfather from the realm of seduction: VADIM.